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Keynote Sales Speaker | Best Selling Author: High Profit Prospecting | Helping You Find Better Prospects NOW

Sales is without a doubt the greatest profession. There is nothing Mark enjoys more than helping others be successful. It’s why Mark enjoys delivering a keynote speech as much as coaching the single solo salesperson or helping a company develop a prospecting strategy.

The reason Mark enjoys sales so much is he never set out to have a career in sales. If it had not been for the Seattle Police Department and their habit of giving Mark tickets, there is little chance he would have wound up in sales. Yes, you’re eager to know more details, but we’ll save that for another day or a keynote speech.

The first 15+ years of his sales career, Mark was fortunate enough to work for three Fortune 200 companies in both sales leadership and marketing positions. His career was wired for growth, and during those 15 years, he rose through the organizations to command senior positions, leading hundreds of salespeople.

It was the experience of his corporate positions, combined with the shortcomings Mark saw in salespeople, that led him to become a sales consultant, speaker and coach. In the nearly 20 years since beginning his consulting business, he has been able to work with thousands of salespeople and sales leaders.

All of this experience – and yes, he’s still learning today – has put him in a position to develop a methodology that salespeople and companies around the world use. The greatest satisfaction he receives is hearing months later from a person with whom he worked who shares that he made a huge positive impact on their selling skills.

After years of working with companies and salespeople through his consulting work, Mark felt it was time to write his first book, High-Profit Selling: Win the Sale Without Compromising on Price, which released in 2012. His second book, High-Profit Prospecting, digs even deeper into the vital role that prospecting plays in sales success. A key piece of both books is his firm commitment to show others that by targeting better prospects, it is possible to close more deals at a higher price.

With two great books and proven sales methodologies, Mark travels much of the time, typically in excess of 200 days per year, not only in the United States, but globally as well. Mark is able to reach many more companies and salespeople through his video streaming programs. A few of the clients he works with include Salesforce, Lenovo, Mattel, Kawasaki and more.

All of this travel and the level of keynote speaking Mark does has allowed him to share the stage and get to know such greats as Seth Godin, Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington, Simon Sinek and others. Even bigger is the partnership he has with three others who are seen as fellow sales experts — Jeb Blount, Mike Weinberg and Anthony Iannarino. Mark counts it a privilege to work with each of these people and share with them strategies that create success.

The relationships Mark has, combined with the experiences of each client, allows him to always have fresh ideas he can share with others via his blog and numerous other media outlets.

Each time Mark engages with a client, whether it be to do a keynote, deliver a workshop, undertake a consulting project or coach an individual, he sees it as my obligation to know the customer’s business as well as they do. He appreciates when a salesperson comments that he knows a company so well, it’s almost as if he is an employee of the company!

People often ask him about the initials behind my name – CSP. CSP stands for Certified Speaking Professional. The National Speakers Association offers this designation in recognition of achieving the highest earned status in professional speaking. Globally, there are fewer than 800 people who have achieved the CSP designation.

If you want to understand his strategies better, explore his website. But let’s do one better. Contact Mark now via phone (402-445-2110) and let him talk about your opportunities with you. Allow him to help you see and achieve outcomes you didn’t think were possible.

In case you’re wondering, yes, his last name really is Hunter. He didn’t change it for his job. Let’s just say he sure is thankful to his dad for having such a great last name. His dad must have known Mark would wind up in sales!

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