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Mike Adams

In 2002, when Chechen terrorists took 850 hostages in Moscow’s Dubrovka Theatre siege, the police barricades went up outside Mike’s office, where he had a perfectly good software sales manager role in the oil and gas industry. Time to bring the family home after more than a decade working and living in nine countries.

Back in Australia, Mike told the best story of his career to land a job selling telecoms equipment. That led overseas again managing more than a hundred sales and technical sales staff across Asia. Mike went on to sell in four more industries with blue-chip corporations: Schlumberger, Siemens, Nokia, Halliburton, Motorola and Spotless.

With each industry change landing him on the wrong side of a steep learning curve with only a short time to succeed, Mike learned the value of seeking out and sharing specific persuasive stories. Now he finds stories and teaches storytelling to a client base as diverse and international as his own sales career.

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