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Luigi Prestinenzi

New Age Sales Enablement Expert

With a focus on sales enablement, Luigi is highly regarded in the sales industry for leading major transformation projects with some of the world’s most respected companies.

Having led both B2B and B2C sales workforces utilizing omni-channel acquisition, Luigi has coached, managed and motivated countless sales professionals to achieve outstanding results. The passion Luigi has for driving value within his clients is evident by the relationships he forms throughout the organizations he works with.

Whilst working with a global leadership development provider in 2012, Luigi was responsible for their largest ever partnership with News Corporation and was subsequently awarded the Number 1 World Sales Leader across 60 countries. Inspiring Luigi, in 2013 he founded Sales IQ to assist organizations build effective go to market strategies and sales development solutions with a focus on top of the funnel acquisition.

With a strong desire to change the perception of a sales professional and help as many people as possible to #bethebestyoucanbe, in 2019 Luigi took Sales IQ global, launching an online sales enablement platform. Luigi’s latest endeavor, producing the Sales IQ Podcast focusing solely on sales and professional development, has allowed him to create relationships and build a fantastic network with sales leaders throughout the world.

Luigi’s Podcast

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